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Alasdair & Steve explain Staark Cycling and our unique USP


Staark is an innovative and unique sports clothing business. Over the past 18 months we have been entirely self-funded and designed & prototyped our range of cycling clothing; a new range of clothing to disrupt the existing cycling market. Staark realised the space in the market for beautifully designed clothing in the best available fabrics that fits every body shape.

Coupled with a revolutionary online fitting and ordering system, Staark's objective is to redefine the cycling apparel market.

Staark is poised to deliver the Autumn/Winter 2020 line into an industry worth £5.4 billion in the UK alone.

Our Big Idea

Cycling is one of the biggest growth areas in sports worldwide. It's being embraced by people across the globe by people of different levels of fitness, different sizes, and different shapes. Currently, you can only buy one fit of cycling kit, elite pro, which is great as long as you have that tall narrow physique. If you aren't that shape (along with almost 70% of the population) then you have a problem.

We were out with our local cycling club last Spring when we noticed that some of the guys were wearing beautiful kit, but it just didn't fit very well. One of the guys is 5'7", he's about 55, he's got a desk job, and a larger mid-section. Another one of the guys is 6'4", he's late 30s, a builder, hardly any body fat but with wide shoulders. Both buy XXL kit, one to fit around his mid-section, one to fit around his shoulders, but both end up with loose fabric flapping in the wind where they've brought an inappropriate sized jersey for their frames. This was our lightbulb moment...

The solution is simple. Let's make clothing that fits real people, real body shapes of people who love cycling.

The human body breaks down into three main body shapes:

Endomorph - this is the tall narrow athletic build, (most of the pro climbers, a classic example is Froome).
Mesomorph - the largest percentage of the population fall into this category, athletic, muscular, strong, but not the narrow chest and shoulders of the climbers. This is also your sprint guys like Cav.
Ectomorph - fit, strong, and carrying some weight around the mid-section.

Customers provide us with their basic measurements, Staark recommends cut/size for best fit.

This leads to Increased customer loyalty, reduced returns, and in turn attracts a premium price point.



The Market

Cycling contributes around £5.4 billion a year to the UK economy. £730 million is directly attributed to cycles and accessories, and another £130 million directly attributed to clothing.

Currently clothing mainly aimed at most frequent riders

1.7 million people ride nearly every day
Another 4.4 million people ride at least once a week
At least another 1 million partake in indoor cycling or spin classes

    Potential wider UK cycle clothing market worth > £350 million per year

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